Networked Sensor Devices.
Cloud-based Monitoring Platform.

We develop software and hardware for vertical applications in diverse areas such as construction, engineering and law enforcement.

Our solutions can handle any type of sensoring, are suitable for large scale deployment and easy maintenance.

About us

Our mission at XAxis Technologies is to provide end-to-end, easy-to-deploy monitoring solutions to vertical markets. We aim to significantly reduce sensor hardware cost to enable deployment of large sensor networks and to provide software solutions to enable the efficient monitoring and servicing of these Internet-of-Things devices.

Each market requires specialised solutions to work and monitor effectively. Our Research & Development works with our clients and strategic partners to embed domain knowledge, standards and best practices into the sensor network and the user interface. Machine learning and predictive analytics enable the network to automate data collection and to operate autonomously. We design and manufacture cutting-edge IoT devices based on our proprietary core firmware library and configurable cloud software platform. By developing both process as well as product, we are able to offer not only a complete technology solution but also a solid business case for each project.

Current Projects

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Phone: (+31)20-717 39 43

Zekeringstraat 41D,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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